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Sérénité Sonore offers you a unique place where everyone can find true comfort and abandon. By changing the traditional concept of a concert hall which implies the audience to be rather squashed, Sérénité Sonore creates a new trend as it offers an environment where every person can enjoy her living space in complete peace as in a spa to relish fully her concert experience.

Those intimate concerts are calling for interiority and discovery. Cocoon hammocks will be your concert seats as you will experience your “weightless” musical journey. In this worldwide unique concept created and developed by Annabelle Renzo, founder of Sérénité Sonore, the traditional role of the spectator is broken and a total abandon of both body and mind to music is offered instead.

A series of annual concert is offered to you and brings in the forefront the universe of a talented musician. You will discover an often improvised music with different flavours: meditative, jazz, ancient and contemporary music with traditional instruments (violin, cello, piano) or rarely heard (theorbo, harp, theremin).


Family concert

There are really few opportunities to introduce toddlers (0 to 5) to the stage, the Sérénité Sonore loft offers you a space where you can feel comfortable with the idea of your children moving to the sound of music. As the founder of Sérénité Sonore is herself a young mother, the company’s mission is also to develop young people's interest in music. The importance of music in a child's development is well-established; listening, concentration and curiosity are all qualities that music will help your child develop. Every month, in a very convivial spirit, sat on cushions, a different instrumentalist will reveal us his musical universe: from the harp’s captivating sound to the double bass’ warm color, as well as the rarity of the theremin and the beauty of the human voice. A great cultural activity for the whole family!


Mother-baby concert


This is a privileged musical moment for young mothers to come cradle with their babies. In the soft comfort of a hammock chair, rediscover this cocoon with your baby while enjoying the sweet sounds of the Celtic harp during a live concert. In the repertoire, compositions from the latest recording by the Montreal harpist Annabelle Renzo: Doudou Sonore, lullabies for babies.

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Concert for pregnant women


During a musical session, leave music the opportunity to become a mediator around which a powerful bond of attachment, which your baby will rediscover once born, will be forged. Nestled in a hammock representing a cocoon for your baby and you, feel free to let you go in a reassuring position just like your baby.

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You’re looking for an original activity for your work team, your parents or your friends?

Offer them a multi sensorial experience at Sérénité Sonore.

Sérénité Sonore offers you a peaceful and original moment. You’ll be welcomed with vegan appetizers and a glass of bubbles in the totally unique place that is this intimate concert hall, before sitting in your comfortable concert seat, a hammock chair. You will live a weightless concert experience and go back home in all lightness.