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Sérénité Sonore
5425 rue de Bordeaux loft 300/301
Montréal, Qc, Canada
H2H 2P9


Sérénité Sonore is initially a harp studio converting one weekend a month into an intimate concert place for 12 people.

The loft is located in a very trendy area of Montreal, the Plateau Mont-Royal, in an old new-york style factory. There is an interesting contrast between the rough side of the former Cadbury chocolate factory and the Zen interior of the Sérénité Sonore loft.

The added value of the place: At Sérénité Sonore, the concert seats are hammock chairs; the musical journey is lived in weightlessness.

The concept breaks the traditional role of the spectator, who must applaud between the pieces and remain somehow motionless. In weightlessness, body and mind can really surrender to music. People who have lived the experience speak of a sound meditation experience.

A variety of instruments are presented by talented musicians; Celtic, classical and jazz harp, improvised cello, guitar, handpan, nyckelarpa, improvised jazz double bass, voice, violin, etc.

Each concert offers different sound colors, ranging from early music to jazz, improvised, Celtic, classical and contemporary in a spirit of relaxation or discovery.

Extraordinary evenings between earth and sky, where your body will leave the port of everyday life to let itself drift with the music proposed by the guest artist. Lose all notion of space to better penetrate another way of meditating.