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Welcome to beginners, from the age of 6 years old

You’d like to tame a musical instrument for the simple joy of doing you good as a form of music therapy for yourself? To play a piece you've always dreamed of or for the pleasure and benefits of learning music? Sérénité Sonore warmly welcomes you for private lessons of harp, an instrument with a rich resonance that will allow you a beautiful connection to yourself.

The approach here lies in the pleasure of learning adapted to the desires and needs of each person and banks on a balance between the instrument’s technique, improvisation and pieces learning.  In our classes, there is no final evaluation: every year in May, we organize a concert in order to bring the student stage experience and the taste of sharing music.

You’ll be given a Harpe'rentissage logbook in the first class to facilitate the follow-up at home and with the teacher. For children, a system of stickers representing their practice time at home encourages them to devote time to their new passion. One flower equals 15 minutes of practice, how many flowers will you grow this week?

Courses last one hour (half an hour available for younger children only). The fall session begins the first week of September while the winter-spring session begins the 3rd week of January. In summer, we take a holiday :)

For the instruments, you can rent or buy a Sérénité Sonore harp; small harps of 28 strings without lever and ideal to begin and easy to carry. If you want a larger harp, I suggest you an associate who just opened a lovely harp store on the South Shore: the Maison Glissando.

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  • INITIATION COURSE: 60$ *gift card available

  • 10 CLASS SESSION: 450$



One-hour workshops for toddlers (3 to 5 years old) and their parents

Introduce your little ones to the magical world of the harp. Parents and children will be able to tame this magical instrument together through sound explorations, songs and group games and even build their own instrument!

This workshop for 12 people (6 children + 6 parents) lasts 1 hour and is offered twice a year.