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Sérénité Sonore is a production and distribution company combining music and well-being and whose mission is to promote the overall healing of individuals of all ages. By changing the traditional concept of a concert hall which implies the audience to be rather squashed, Sérénité Sonore creates a new trend as it offers an environment where every person can enjoy her living and inner space to make her concert experience better. A large range of products and services is offered: a series of exclusive concerts in hammock-cocoons, events combining music and health, private and corporate packages, family concerts, a collection of musical instruments by Serénité Sonore, lessons, workshops and lectures.

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Music has charms to soothe the soul as the French proverb goes. From the very first years of my life, I was fascinated by my sound universe; from the human voice to the city soundscape in which I lived and the sounds of nature; until I discovered the beauty in music. I first learned to play the piano and then the harp, which quickly became my favorite instrument. Because of its unique vibration, this magnificent musical instrument with its rich therapeutic implication was first going to offer me a lot of sweetness and then allow me to bring some to others. As a professional harpist, on stage both as a soloist and as a symphony musician, as well as at the bedside of patients in health care settings and in performances for children, I have always had a great pleasure in sharing those moments when music offers a getaway feeling from which the imagination and the dream springs. Thanks to my last 20 years of experience as a professional musician, I have discovered those moments when music allows harmony with oneself and with others. Thus, I understood what Kant expresses so well: “To contemplate beauty is to intensify our feeling of existence.”


Annabelle Renzo


As a harpist with thousands of projects, Annabelle Renzo stands out with her creativity and skillfulness. Thanks to her elegance and artistic sensitivity, she knows how to serve the beauty of her art.

After studying at McGill University with Jennifer Swartz, principal harp of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Annabelle Renzo was invited by all the major ensembles of the Quebec metropolis. Since 2006, she has been the principal harp of the Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil and freelancing within the Orchestre Métropolitain with which she had the chance to take part in its first European tour in 2017 and with several other ensembles from Quebec.

Concerned about the good that music can generate in human beings, she initiates several of her projects. In September 2011, uniting her 2 passions, music and therapeutic massage, she creates a unique and unprecedented concept: a massage choreographed to music. She got into a partnership with the magnificent Bota Bota, a water spa located in Old Montreal. There, you can live a relaxing experience to the sound of the harp, in a "live" version with the massage therapist. Using recent studies in alternative medicine (massotherapy, harp therapy and vibroacoustic harp therapy), Annabelle is increasingly exploring the therapeutic world. For 4 years, she has offered musical moments with her harp at the bedside of patients in Palliative Care at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital of the CHUM.

She also shares her passion through teaching at her own school: Annabelle Renzo Harp School and has held the position of harp teacher at Cégep St-Laurent since 2013. Also fascinated by the charisma of children and their imaginary power, she draws inspiration from them to create La tête dans les nuages, a show for ages 3 to 6, and Harpemania, for ages 8 to 12. Together with Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, these co-productions have been touring the Maisons de la culture and concert halls since 2010 and 2017.

Lately, two new concepts of the harpist/composer are charming the future mothers: the Berceuse-à-la-carte, tailor-made lullabies, and her brand new album Doudou Sonore, sweet recordings for babies.

Recently, exploring a free and more modern path to her instrument through improvisation, she finds the full extent of her talent with her electric harp. In atmospheres sometimes soft, sometimes more rhythmic, thanks to percussive effects on the electric harp and rhythmical sequences of accompaniment, with multiple percussions and his voice, the melody rises and new sounds settle down!


In September 2016, she opened the doors of her brand new project: Sérénité Sonore, located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, a loft dedicated to concerts in hammocks-cocoons. This place inspired the name of her company, which now offers a range of products and services that tends to bring sound beauty to everyday life.

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How to get there ?

The Sérénité Sonore loft is located on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. Based in an old new-york style factory, the contrast is very interesting between the rough side of the old Cadbury chocolate factory and that of the interior of Sérénité Sonore, which exudes calm and interiority.

Don't be surprised, your first visit to the loft will be like a maze experience! More than a hundred lofts now occupy this former Cadbury chocolate factory full of creativity. Rest assured small signs will guide you to the intended location. A word of advice: arrive a little earlier the first time. We’re looking forward to welcome you!


For further information


5425 rue de Bordeaux, loft 300/301
Montréal, QC, Canada
H2H 2P9


"Imagine a musical journey in the comfort of your living room, where relaxation and intimacy are at the rendezvous. That’s exactly the experience offered by Sérénité Sonore, a concept conceived and implemented by the harpist Annabelle Renzo."  

Scena Musicale

An incredible evening a thousand places from here, nestled in a hammock, carried away by music, we are sure we want to follow these talented musicians”


  “I highly recommend- a zen and angelic moment for oneself.


“I wanted to thank you again for letting me enjoy this beautiful moment of relaxation yesterday. You have a thousand and one talents, it was magnificent, magical. Congratulations to you! Thank you for introducing me to this other part of your bubble. I love Sérénité Sonore and I will talk about it around me.


"I loved the music, the originality, the place, the comfort and the welcome too. Thank you for daring."


"Nestled in a round hammock, very cosy, I was not only suspended in the air, but my thoughts were also in suspension! ... Serenity Sound? Divine sound!"


“This is a great concept.”